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Your Responsibilities to Maintain Automatic Doors
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Your Responsibilities to Maintain Automatic Doors

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Are you gambling with your customers’ safety?

There is no doubt automatic doors on business premises can enhance a customer’s or employee’s experience. The elderly, parents with pushchairs and the disabled find accessing and leaving buildings with automatically opening doors that much easier. Anyone carrying items can enter or exit the premises with minimal fuss. What’s not to like? Automatic doors are a piece of machinery. Just like a circular saw, heavy press, or any other type of machinery, if they are not serviced or maintained properly, they can be lethal, especially if the very young or very old are involved.

The majority of retail and industrial premises tend to opt for automatic sliding or swing doors, while automatic revolving doors tend to be favoured by hotels and commercial establishments. Different types of automatic door carry their own risks which need to be assessed individually.

Checks You Can Complete

As the owner of the business, you become the ‘responsible person’ and have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of employees, customers, and clients who enter your premises. This also includes the safe operation of any automatic swing, sliding, or revolving doors. Automatic sliding doors require high-level weekly checks that can be carried out by either yourself or your building’s caretaker in accordance with BS 7036.

Servicing Requirements

It is recommended that servicing be undertaken as a minimum every six months, in accordance with the Workplace (Health and Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, and only by fully qualified specialist engineers. Although 6 monthly maintenance periods are a recommendation, it is advisable to discuss your individual circumstances with our team as we can make additional personalised recommendations that may be more suitable for you. We can undertake a full risk assessment survey to determine whether more frequent visits are required to ensure the upkeep of your doors. We offer both reactive and planned maintenance programmes.

Nothing mechanical or electrical is infallible. To minimise the risk of complete failure, our planned maintenance options provide you with the opportunity to replace any parts which are beginning to show signs of wear.

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance packages and will endeavour to carry out all work at a time that minimises any business disruption. For more in-depth information on the most cost-effective way to keep your automatic doors opening and closing safely, please call 01234854690.

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